CIJE Hosts over 40 schools for Summer Ed-Tech Training

This summer teachers from NY/NJ area CIJE schools participated in Edtech training provided by CIJE. From Introduction to SMART Board to more advanced activities such as Lab games and assessments. Many teachers also joined training for the new ji Tap app. This app can be used as a resource for blended learning classrooms as well as PBL. The training was given by Director of Innovative Technologies, Faigy Ravitz.

Participating schools were:

  1. Bais Yaakov Queens
  2. Bnos Malka
  3. Bruriah
  4. Bais Yaakov D’Rav Meir
  5. Darchei
  6. Golda Och Academy
  7. Golda Och Academy High School
  8. HAFTR
  9. HALB
  10. HANC
  11. HANC Plainview
  12. Hebrew Academy New City
  13. Jewish Educational Center
  14. Kushner
  15. Lev Chana
  16. Manhattan Day School
  17. Mazel Day School
  18. Moriah School
  19. North Shore Hebrew Academy
  20. Park East Day School
  21. Prospect Park
  22. Ptach
  23. Rosenbaum Yeshiva North Jersey
  24. RSRH
  25. S/A/R
  26. Shaarei Torah
  27. Shalom Torah Academy
  28. Shulamith School LI
  29. SKA
  30. Solomon Schechter Bergen County
  31. Solomon Schechter of Queens
  32. Solomon Schechter Queens
  33. Westchester Day School
  34. Yavneh Academy
  35. Yeshiva Ahavath Torah
  36. Yeshiva Har Torah
  37. Yeshiva Ketana Passaic
  38. Yeshiva of Flatbush
  39. Yeshiva of Flatbush HS
  40. Yeshivat Noam
  41. David Posnack Lower school (FL)
  42. Ramaz
  43. Yeshiva Spring Valley