K-12 Programs: Elementary

Science Lab Program Encouraged by superbly trained teachers, students tackle real-world problems in science and engineering through inquiry-based learning. Students in CIJE-supported schools develop the knowledge and skills to excel when faced with complex challenges of all kinds and to pursue careers in the sciences. The emphasis of the CIJE programs is on problem solving and project based learning. CIJE has installed state-of-the-art science laboratories in numerous day schools and yeshivot to provide students with outstanding opportunities to experiment, research, and embrace scientific inquiry. CIJE has provided teachers with actual laboratory activities and training to assist the teachers in their day to day interactions with their students.

Technology Assisted Instruction Our exceptional technology programs include: elementary1elementary2

Individualized Computer-Assisted Instruction
CIJE has partnered with Pearson Digital and the Waterford Institute to bring the benchmark SuccessMaker and Waterford programs to thousands of Jewish day school students. These interactive, individualized programs allow teachers and principals to track the progress of individual students and work with them based on their strengths and weaknesses as noted in the reports.

Ariot CAL

In collaboration with Tal Am, CIJE has created a revolutionary, interactive, multi-sensory computer program to assist teachers in promoting Hebrew language fluency beginning in the early grades. Young students utilize the CIJE computer lab to strengthen their abilities and to help increase Hebrew language skills.

iTaLAM is a new digital blended learning environment based on the successful TaL AM program, a Hebrew language and Jewish heritage curriculum.  iTaLAM is re-imagining the world of Hebrew language and Jewish heritage education by transforming the well-established and highly successful TaL AM print program into an engaging, interactive, personalized, and adaptive digital experience.
In collaboration with iTaLAM, CIJE has created a revolutionary, interactive, multi-sensory computer program to assist teachers in promoting Hebrew language fluency beginning in the second grade.  See a presentation of iTaLAM here.


Jewish Interactive

JI Studio is a revolutionary Judaic digital content creation tool. Ground-breaking features encourage children to let their imaginations run wild, use higher-order thinking skills and create projects with mind-blowing tools combined with full access to the Tanach and selected Tefilot. JI Studio visually dazzles with rich collections of Jewish-themed stickers, story backgrounds, Hebrew letters, vowels and words, characters, dress-ups, photographs, coloring pages and songs relating to special themes. With a few taps, you can do in seconds what you could never do before. Training and support is provided by CIJE staff to help teachers maximize the use of this tool.

To Download JI Studio

To download the app from itunes: for an ipad


To download for a PC or MAC


Interactive SMART Boards  CIJE has helped Jewish elementary, middle and high schools across the country install and utilize over 500 SMART Boards, interactive white boards that are revolutionizing teaching. The touch-sensitive boards network to computers to allow teachers to present exciting, dynamic, interactive lessons in both secular and Judaic studies, to the delight and benefit of students and instructors. The CIJE  SMART Certified Master Trainer  mentors teachers to help them to integrate technology into their classrooms.