Moriah Celebrates 11 Years of E2K

The eleventh year of the math and science enrichment program Excellence 2000, known as E2K, is in full swing in Moriah’s middle school. E2K was developed by the Israel Center for Excellence in Education (ICEE) and the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education (CIJE) and has been implemented in Jewish day schools throughout the United States. Moriah’s E2K program consists of two classes made up of sixth and seventh graders who meet on Wednesdays after school to enrich the critical and analytical thinking processes involved in solving complex problems.

The sixth grade math students just started a unit called “fun with multiplication.” They worked in groups to identify and figure out various patterns among numbers. The students needed to use their reasoning and application skills to analyze the patterns and generate their own. During the unit, they worked on collaboration and teamwork in order to solve these challenges.

The seventh grade science students are working on the unit “fascinated by physics” in which they are challenged to design a device that could accurately and reliably measure 30 seconds without being held. The only materials they are allowed to use are one bead, a balloon, a tape measure, and a marker.

The students in both math and science sections are enjoying the activities and gaining valuable skills of analysis and teamwork.