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Middle School EXTREME Engineering Challenge


CIJE is piloting a competition with New Jersey schools called the “Extreme Engineering Challenge” which is geared for 8th grade CIJE engineers. Students will be given an array of supplies and will have to create a structure that measures up to specific qualifications and can withstand numerous environmental stressors. In the spirit of a challenge, we will not reveal too much information about the competition but will share that there will be a heavy gamification aspect which will surely create a buzz. The competition will draw heavily on the skills covered in the CIJE MS curriculum and will act as a high-energy closing event for the Engineering program.


After the challenge, a pizza lunch will be served, and MS students will actively engage in the high school Innovation day which will display hundreds of ingenious electronic-based projects. The participating MS students will be presented with a scavenger hunt which will help students gain a better understanding of Electrical Engineering, learn about more about the projects, and hone their own problem-solving skills while having the opportunity to win exciting prizes.  This is a fantastic opportunity for your school to shine.


Price: No charge