Middle School EXTREME Engineering Challenge

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CIJE is proud to introduce the Extreme Engineering Challenge for 2020. This initiative prompts students to apply engineering skills in a Design Thinking challenge. In the process, students are imbued with the mindset of solving challenges for the betterment of their local environment.

Extreme Engineering Challenge: Green School challenges students to make or modify an object in their immediate environment greener. This part of the EEC2020 is due by March 3, 2020 to be submitted at www.thecije.org/MSchallenge/

Extreme Engineering Challenge: Under Pressure will take place during the 2020 Innovation Day and will challenge the students to build an object in response to a prompt on the day of the event.  

Students may participate in either or both events. There are no prerequisites for participation.

Detailed Information on Extreme Engineering Challenge: Green School

  • Extreme Engineering Challenge: Green School requires the students to build a prototype of a device that makes their environment greener  
  • Students will follow the Design Thinking cycle to build their prototype and to communicate their process. We have provided a Google Slides presentation template to guide the project build, and to be modified for submission. Please download the template and rename with your team name before modifying.
  • This project is to be completed by small teams of students in grades 6-8. Mixed grade teams are acceptable.
  • The teams participating in EEC: Green School do not have to be the same as the ones who attended the Innovation Day EEC: Under Pressure
  • Each school can submit multiple projects to be judged
  • Submission is open between February 3rd, 2020 to March 2nd, 2020
  • Submit projects at www.thecije.org/MSchallenge/
  • Students must include a video demonstration of their built prototype within the Google Slides presentation. Please make sure the video is accessible before submitting it. 
  • The creation of the students’ prototype needs to be informed by the environment around them. In addition to the research done via the internet, we are asking that interviews be conducted with the people who will presumably use the prototype.
  • As the students plan and build their prototype, we would like for them to be aware of the raw materials they use, amounts of those materials, and how much is discarded. By requiring that this information be recorded, we hope that the students become better at planning ahead and being conscious of reducing the amount of waste they create through their process.
  • Originality will be rewarded.
  • The prototype must be durable enough that the students are able to demonstrate its functionality to the people they interview and go through at least one iteration cycle. After that, the prototype must be able to be used at least three separate times without breaking.
  • A scoring rubric has been provided.

More Information on Extreme Engineering Challenge: Under Pressure

  • No prerequisites
  • Will take place during the 2020 Innovation Day
  • Challenge details will be revealed on the date of the challenge
  • The theme of the Challenge will remain the same: Environment

We have included two flyers to advertise these events. We encourage you to post these in your classrooms and school. 

If you have further questions, please contact Dr. Katherine Owuor at ko@thecije.org.

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Judging rubric used to assess projects