CIJE Bytes




CIJE Bytes is a hands-on basic electronics and computer programming curriculum intended for novice students in Middle School and ninth grade. Students will work in teams of three to learn how to use the Bytes electronic components. They will write programs to control those components in Arduino’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE).


Goals of the CIJE Bytes program

  • Students will learn basic electronics and computer programming
  • Engage students in problem-solving.
  • Encourage learning through trial and error, discussion, and presentation.
  • Hands-on experience in robotics-like building and automation.

Flexible Scheduling

  • CIJE Bytes can be run as a year-long course, 4 days a week, 45 minutes per class,
  • It can be run as a once-a-week course or elective
  • CIJE mentors will work with your teachers to recommend lessons for specific scheduling needs.

School Requirements

  • A computer for each group of 3 students.
    • If the school is using Chromebooks, students must be able to access the internet to use the Arduino Chrome app.
  • CIJE Bytes kits are meant to be reused from year to year.
  • A place to safely store the Bytes kits and animatronic builds while not in use.

CIJE Support

  • CIJE provides teachers with classroom-ready 45-minute lessons.
  • CIJE provides Professional Development for Bytes teachers
  • Ongoing support from CIJE Mentors.
  • A nationwide cohort of all CIJE Bytes teachers to share ideas, concerns, etc.
  • Bytes kits

Bytes Fair

  • We encourage each school to host an end-of-course “Bytes Fair” where student groups their animatronic creations to peers, school staff, parents, and even online.