Drone Olympics

Our unique Drone Olympic events introduce 7th and 8th-grade students at Jewish day schools and yeshivot to the exciting science of drone flight!
At each event, participants analyze an obstacle course and program a drone to autonomously complete the course. It requires developing solutions to real-world problems through teamwork. Students go through the process of evaluating solutions for safety and reliability as well as improving a product through multiple iterations. 
Students use DroneBlocks to understand: 
  • That force acts on an object and includes strength and direction, causing movement. 
  • That objects that appear to not be moving have multiple forces creating a net zero force. 
  • The basic concepts of controlled flight. 
  • The concept of compounding error and error in measurements.
  • Basic logic and syntax used in program coding. 
Each middle school event includes:
  • Videos showcasing the uses of drones in Science and Engineering.
  • Presentation describing the fundamentals of drone flight.
  • Tutorial in coding drones using the DroneBlocks software.
  • Obstacle course measurements and surveys for maximum efficiency.