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Professional Development



Dear CIJE Teachers: 


I hope that you are doing well during this most challenging time.  I want to assure you that as a teacher of CIJE programs, you will be fully supported by CIJE mentors in the 2020-21 academic year. We are implementing a different model for CIJE teacher professional development.  Whether you are a CIJE veteran teacher or a new CIJE teacher we are committed to meet you where you are, and to help you expand your knowledge as a CIJE teacher. We are also mindful of how precious your time is, and we want to maximize professional development impact for you.


Here is a description of CIJE 2020-21 programs for teachers: 

1) There will be a mentor assigned to your school.  S/he will be available for on-line coaching throughout the year, and s/he will visit your school in person when possible. 

2) You will be placed in a cohort of CIJE STEM teachers who are at similar experience levels and who are teaching the same curriculum that you are.  Your cohort will be led by two CIJE mentors, and they will be kicking off their meeting with you via ZOOM on June 29 and June 30th.   

3) CIJE has a staff of over a dozen mentors with different areas of expertise (for example, computer science, civil engineering, aeronautical engineering, etc.) You will have access to the entire mentor staff for consultation.  This could mean that an expert mentor will facilitate a cohort session to teach a specific skill or to offer expert advice. 

4) We heard you! Based on teacher feedback, we want to facilitate networking opportunities among CIJE teachers across the U.S. CIJE will convene digital unconferences (the next one will take place June 14th) and when possible, we will convene regional meet-ups.   


In order to place you in the most suitable cohort, please answer the questions on the form at your earliest convenience and no later than June 10th.   


Kind Regards, 
Barbara Gereboff 
Director of Community Relations