Watch CIJE Tank Live Here

Join us here on Sunday, November 24th, 2024 at 11am EST to watch this years LIVE CIJE-Tank event

The CIJE Tank competition highlights a distinguished cohort of nine capstone projects, selected from a pool of 555 entries.  These projects are set apart by their exceptional performance on key criteria.  They articulate a real need through their exhaustive research.  They have gained a deep understanding of their area of interest with a precise definition of the problems they aim to address through their innovative solution.  Furthermore, these capstones exhibit a level of design sophistication that combines functionality with aesthetics, ensuring their marketability. 


The team members' communication skills shine effectively conveying their ideas, solutions and value propositions.  These nine capstones epitomize the pursuit of excellence with the CIJE Tank competition, embodying the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that this platform fosters.