Innovation Awards

Engineering for Workplace Solutions
1st 260 - Bais Yaakov of Baltimore The Smart Cabinet
2nd 598 - The Frisch School SafeTea Locker
3rd 165 - Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls SmartRescue
Assistive Technology
1st 602 - The Frisch School Blind Guide
2nd 239 - Bi - Cultural Hebrew Academy Auto Braille
3rd 397 - Solomon Schechter High School of Long Island Traffic Alert Vest
Environmental Engineering
1st 624 - Ramaz Upper School Fighting Fires
2nd 399 - Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School AlgaeAlert
3rd 281 - Central Paving The Future
Engineering Household Solutions
1st 403 - Northwest Yeshiva High School Sourbro Starter
2nd 122 - Rambam Mesivta water alarm
3rd 320 - Bi - Cultural Hebrew Academy Slip Stopper
Engineering for Healthcare
1st 460 - Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School 3D BioPrinter
2nd 574 - The Leffell School Upper School TBIPro
3rd 368 - DRS Smart Sense
Engineering for Jewish Life
1st 481 - Torah Academy of Bergen County URN - EASE
2nd 346 - MAY The Shabbos Alarm Clock - 
3rd 266 - HAFTR MitzvahSafe
Engineering for Older Adults
1st 135 - Golda Och Academy Dospense
2nd 359 - DRS Door Bot
3rd 283 - JEC The Laser Life Saver
Engineering for Personal Care
1st 167 - Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls Cauticap
2nd 136 - Golda Och Academy SunSwift, by Solstice
3rd 615 - Ramaz Upper School tecbox
Engineering for Children
1st 372 - Yeshivat Darche Eres Boys High School Smart Nanny
2nd 225 - Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls Rock A Bye Baby
3rd 621 - Bruriah Girls High School BearBuzzer
Engineering for Transportation
1st 279 - MAY The Sidewiper
2nd 333 - Central Bus Buddy
3rd 465 - Solomon Schechter High School of Long Island Biker Sense
Engineering for Mobility
1st 219 - SAR High School SecureCycle
2nd 577 - The Leffell School Upper School PsiTech
3rd 396 - Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls Fake - a - leg
Engineering for School
1st 253 - IVDU Upper School Boys Campus CAMPUS COMMUNICATOR
2nd 502 - New England Jewish Academy HS Smartswipe
3rd 208 - Rambam Mesivta The first generation HSC
Engineering for Entertainment and the Arts
1st 452 - Lev Bais Yaakov High School bLuSciouS
2nd 287 - JEC TImeOutWhistle
3rd 264 - DRS Laser Tech
Engineering for Pets
1st 478 - SAR High School CleanPet Companion
2nd 139 - Golda Och Academy No - Mess Munch Mate
3rd 617 - Yeshivah of Flatbush Joel Braverman High School Feed the Fish
1st Place: 
  RoboFil (Posnack)
  MPTourniquet (Posnack)
  DrinkSafe (Scheck Hillel)
  BrushBreeze (Scheck Hillel)
Most Innovative: 
  GumGuage (Posnack)
Best Prototype: 
  Open Sesame (Katz)

Best presentation:

1st - Bais Yaakov of Chicago - Quiet Light - This team created a device to give feedback to children to let them know if their noise level is acceptable. The product provides visual red-yellow-green feedback to indicate high-medium-low noise levels.

2nd - Heavy Sleeper Alarm Clock - A specialized alarm clock for heavy sleepers which requires you to get out of bed to turn off the alarm. 


Most innovative project:

1st - HSBY - Goodfish - Fish owners tend to forget to clean out the water and feed the fish; This product was an automatic fish feeder with special sensors which measures water, nitrogen, and salinity.

2nd - Bais Yaakov of Chicago - Lifesaver - This team created a product to prevent lithium batteries from overcharging and overheating.  This is accomplished by sensing the current and then turning off the power to the battery once it is fully charged.


Best Overall Product:

1st - HSBY - Taskbot - The Taskbot is a dynamic tool that uses a variety of timers and sensors to motivate those with ADHD to complete a variety of tasks and assignments. It uses scientifically proven methods to help accomplish the desired task.

2nd - Bais Yaakov of Chicago - Waterwatch - This product helps prevent people from inadvertently leaving full bathtubs unattended. The team created a mechanism to unplug the bathtub automatically, which is achieved by sensing water flow over elapsed time.

  1ST PLACE bLuSciouS Lev Bais Yaakov High School
  2ND PLACE DropDetect Bruriah Girls High School
  1ST PLACE BrushBreeze Scheck Hillel Community School
  2ND PLACE Cookie Angel Yeshiva Tiferes Torah of Boca Raton