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Build Box


Welcome to the CIJE Build Box!  

Consider assembling a CIJE Build Box (it can be a shoebox, a gym bag, a small overnight bag, etc.) with the following supplies for your CIJE STEM@Home activities.

Students can use the Build Box to find materials appropriate for their own build. They will be encouraged to use materials in creative and novel ways. These materials can be reused in most of our CIJE STEM@Home activities. Keeping a Build Box together from one week to the next will save time for future CIJE STEM@HOME sessions and inspire student creativity.

Pencils, colored pencils, markers

Paper, cardboard, newspaper

Ruler, measuring tape  in centimeters preferably

Paper clips, binder clips, all sizes

Tape, masking, duct tape, clear tape

Craft sticks, toothpicks, skewer 

Glue, white glue, hot glue

Paper and plastic cups, plates, silverware, etc.

Balloons, marbles, small balls

Recyclable items:

empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls, bottle and jar lids, mismatched socks, cleaned plastic bottles and yogurt containers, clothes pins, egg cartons, old CDs, twist ties, string, thread, plastic bags, magnets, bits of lego, old screws, fridge magnets,old playing cards, and anything else you can think of

Each week, you will receive suggested lesson specific material.

While students are not required to build during the session, they are definitely encouraged to do so in order for the sessions to be as interactive as possible.