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Design Fab Collection 2021 Submission Page



Connecting students to collab-create an emotive piece using sophisticated digital creation software  


Theme: Biblical Resonance / Biblical Me  

Participating teams will choose a biblical figure and through advanced contemplation and study will isolate a unique attribute that they deeply resonate with in the biblical figure. It might be heroic sacrifice, self-doubt, or the ability to transcend 


Build: Teams will create a structure that embodies and conveys this attribute both from the perspective of the biblical figure and their own personal experience 


Output: Teams will model their 3D design. And physically build upon the given wedge/slice that will be shipped to each school.  


Bringing it all together: The wedge connotes being part of a whole, therefore, all teams across the different participating schools will virtually meet to discuss how the wedges should be choreographed into one wholdigital display. Participating schools will then create a hyperlink using their designed- wedge to display an AR view of the entire digital collection.  



  • All teams must have an .STL file of their designed wedge HS students must have an advanced CAD model preferably Fusion 360 (i.e., not designed on Tinkercad). MS students can use Tinkercad or any advanced CAD modeling software.  
  • The designed wedge needs at least one piece that is the output of a CAD file: 3D printing, CNC, or laser cut element 
  • Electronics and computer programming is permissible. 
  • A biblical or Judaic anchor source-text (word, phrase or longer) needs to be present on the piece 
  • one-page description explaining the inner meaning and motivation of the piece as well as a reflection of how the digital rendition differed from the physical manifestation. 
  • Students need to video tape a one-minute elevator pitch explaining their work with footage showing 360 degrees of the piece.  
  • Students will submit a minimum of four (each direction and an aerial perceptive) high resolution images of their piece.  
  • HS students will provide a photo render file of their work in Fusion. ITinkercad they can take a JPEG image of their file- one of each side, including an aerial image.  

Feedback and authentic audience: 

    • Gallery unveiling with a Judaic studies scholar, an artist and a fabrication expert to discuss each piece. Followed by a collaborative effort among all the participants to digitally choreograph the entire digital collection.   
    • All teams that complete their wedge will be sent a large pop-up poster displaying the students work as part of the greater collection.  

Time frame:  Dec. 8th  Kick-off / project registration form  

April 12th submission deadline  

April 26th Virtual Gallery Unveiling  


Digital resources: 

STL File, Step File, Detail Drawing (pdf): 

Stl file dnf_2021_base.stl  

Step file: dnf_2021_base.step 

Detail drawing: dnf_2021_base_drawing.pdf