Design Fab Collection 2022

To learn more about the Design Fab Collection Email Orly Nadler at [email protected]

Connecting students to collab-create an emotive piece using sophisticated digital creation software 


Theme: Sacred Time: Shmita, Shabbat, Jubilee/Freedom, and the Human Experience of Time

Participating teams will choose an aspect of time as it relates to Jewish tradition. Through advanced study/contemplation, the team will illustrate a truth about their chosen time by creating a 3D sculpture, affixed to a wooden heptagonal board provided by CIJE. 

Build: Each team will create a structure that embodies and conveys this truth both from the perspective of the Judaic sources and their own personal experience. 

Output: Each team will model their 3D design, as well as physically build upon the provided board. 

Bringing it all together: This is a national initiative. All teams across the different participating schools will virtually meet to share their piece and receive feedback from each other as well as a panel of experts. 



  • All teams must have an STL file of their designed wedge:
    • HS students must have an advanced CAD model, preferably Fusion 360 (i.e. not designed on Tinkercad)
    • MS students may use Tinkercad or any advanced CAD modeling software 
  • The designed wedge needs to have at least one piece that is the output of a CAD file: 3D printing, CNC, or laser cut element. More than one component is permitted and encouraged, where possible. 
  • Use of electronics and computer programming to enhance the design is permitted 
  • A biblical or Judaic anchor source - text (word, phrase, or longer) - needs to be present on the piece
  • Include a  one-page description explaining the inner meaning and motivation of the piece as well as a reflection of how the digital rendition differs from the physical manifestation 
  • Include a one-minute video elevator pitch explaining their process of creation with footage showing 360 degrees of the piece 
  • Each team will submit a minimum of four (each direction and an aerial perspective) high-resolution images of their piece
  • HS students will provide a photo render file of their work in Fusion. MS students may take a JPEG image of their model in Tinkercad - one of each side, including an aerial image (5 images in total)

Feedback and authentic audience:

  • Mid-point Concept board pitch: teachers can schedule an (optional) zoom meeting with CIJE mentors to provide students with a chance to share their concept board and receive feedback on their theme and fabrication ideas.
  • Gallery unveiling will include an expert panel with a Judaic studies scholar, an artist and a fabrication expert to discuss each piece. The panel discussion will be followed by a collaborative effort among all the participants to digitally curate the entire digital collection 


Time frame:  project registration form 

  • Boards will be shipped within two weeks of project registration
  • May 25 - Submission deadline 
  • June 1 - Virtual Gallery Unveiling 

Digital resources:


Click here for the Stp file

Click here for the Stl file

Step file: attached to this email 

Detail drawing: