Design Fab Collection

To learn more about the Design Fab Collection Email Orly Nadler at [email protected]

Design FAB Collection 2024


Connecting students to collaboratively create an emotive art piece using digital design and fabrication tools.  


Theme: ME + WE: Individuality within Community


Creative Constraint: No body figures, or any anthropomorphic depictions 


Build: Teams of two to three students work together to construct a three-dimensional art piece that depicts the theme. The piece should reflect personal relevance and be rooted in Judaic text.  


Output: Teams will model their 3D design and physically construct the art piece using fabrication machinery.  


Bringing it all together: This is a national initiative to create a diverse, multifaceted online gallery.  


Feedback and authentic audience: Students will convene online, at the Gallery Unveiling, to share their work with their peers and receive feedback from professionals in fabrication, art, and Judaic studies.  



  • Art piece should fit within a 12x12x12” (no base will be provided to give students more creative freedom) 
  • All teams must have a .STL file of their designed art piece. HS students should have an advanced CAD model, preferably Fusion 360 (i.e., not designed on Tinkercad). MS students can use Tinkercad or any advanced CAD modeling software.  
  • The designed art piece needs at least one part that is the output of a CAD file: 3D printing, CNC, or laser cut element.  
  • Electronics and computer programming are permissible  
  • A one-page description explaining the inner meaning and motivation of the piece. Must include Judaic text and a theme that motivated the art piece.  
  • Students need to videotape a one-minute elevator pitch explaining their work with footage showing 360 degrees of the piece.  
  • Students will submit a minimum of four (each direction and an aerial perceptive) high-resolution images of their piece.  
  • HS students will provide a photo render file of their work in Fusion. In Tinkercad they can take a JPEG image of their file- one of each side, including an aerial image.  


Time frame:  Submission deadline May 13th

Virtual Gallery Unveiling:

Tentatively May 29th