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Heshy has a B.S. Psychology, Brooklyn College, N.Y.; MA Ed, Curriculum & Instruction Adams State, Colorado, with a NASA Endeavor Stem Certificate. Heshy has been an E2K/CIJE instructor since 2004. In 2015, he was the first runner-up in The N.J., Non-Public School Teacher of the Year and received the distinct honor of Teacher of the Year in N.J. for the Association of Jewish Day Schools. Acting as Science Chair at Yeshiva Bais Hillel of Passaic, he teaches middle school life science and piloted an elementary laboratory experiences-science engagement program that begins at the preschool level to promote more engagement/less lecturing hands-on science. Hobbies include working with micro-controllers, kayaking, and discovering the physics of amusement parks. Heshy’s mantra is “shared knowledge is knowledge gained.”