Aryeh Laufer is an alum of Yeshiva University with a B.A., and the former Head of STEM at The Idea School, where he taught engineering, design, robotics, and computer science. Aryeh has transitioned to a pivotal role at CIJE (Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education), and now mentors teachers, leveraging his extensive experience in various STEM disciplines and his management skills from running a makerspace.
At The Idea School, Aryeh was known for his transdisciplinary approach, integrating Jewish studies, humanities, and STEM subjects. His projects, which utilized skills from woodworking to electrical engineering, emphasized authentic learning and problem-solving. As a self-taught programmer, he champions fearless learning, creativity, and a love for education.
Aryeh's impact in Jewish education has been recognized widely, earning him the 2021 Covenant Foundation Pomegranate Prize as an emerging leader in the field. In his current role at CIJE, Aryeh continues to shape the landscape of STEM education, focusing on inspiring and developing educators to enrich learning experiences for students across various disciplines. His journey reflects a deep commitment to enhancing education through innovative and integrated approaches.