Innovation Day 2023


The culminating Innovation Day event took place at American Dream Mall on May 23, 2023 with more than 1,200 Jewish high school students from all over the country in attendance. 

Capstone Judging: All judging of May 23rd Innovation Day participants took place on-site (out-of-state students had a pre-zoom option) and followed the rubric. 


Judging Score Sheet: Click here


Pitch Rubric: Click here 

Nominations: We asked each teacher prior to Innovation Day to indicate the outstanding projects in his/her school - two recommendations for every seven projects submitted by the school. These recommendations were one data point in the award decisions.


Awards: Pitch awards were distributed in the pitch rooms.  All category awards were announced at the final Award Ceremony on May 23rd (see below). 

Innovation Day 2023 Winners



Watch the 2023 Award Show

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