High School


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM)

Living in the 21st century requires more than a basic ability to read, write, and do simple math. Engineering is the profession in which the knowledge of mathematics, science, and technology gained by study, experience, and practice is applied to develop ways to utilize materials in nature for the benefit of society.

Technology affects virtually every aspect of our lives, from enabling us to perform routine tasks to giving us the ability to make responsible and informed decisions that affect individuals, our society, and our environment. 

Years ago, CIJE recognized that preparing for a radically different future requires a significant shift in education methods in Jewish schools.

Today, CIJE provides extensive, ongoing teacher training to meet today’s changing needs. CIJE mentors, who are experienced engineers, visit all participating schools regularly to advise teachers on best practices. Teachers and mentors work together to revamp years of traditional classroom instruction by incorporating discovery and project-based learning where students, not teachers, provide the answers. Students who learn by trial and error are more prepared to overcome challenges and succeed in the working world.


CIJE-STEAM High School Engineering Program 

CIJE offers a two-year course in Scientific and Biomedical Engineering for high school students. This innovative curriculum prepares students for careers in engineering, programming, and advanced technology. CIJE is educating a generation of students in Jewish schools to enter and compete in the global marketplace. CIJE provides each class with specialized equipment and materials, and trains teachers to “reorient” how they approach curricula.

Throughout the year, students work in engineering design teams and apply their inventiveness to develop various types of products and machines. Projects range from advanced circuitry and bridge building to developing prosthetic limbs.