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Invite your students to take part in a CIJE Minecraft Competition. As part of a club, class, or entirely at home, students will create projects based on four Jewish holiday-related themes. We have gamified the challenge to promote coding, detailed design, creativity, Jewish integration, and superb presentation skills. Your student projects will have a chance to win badges, raffle entries, and garner honor and prizes for their school! No teacher experience required!  
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Teacher Resources: 

Minecraft Training

Minecraft IT Guide 

Minecraft MakeCode

Minecraft Subject Kits 

Esports Arenas 

Minecraft Global Challenges

Get Started Guide: 

How do I get comfortable using Minecraft? 

Minecraft offers training to help you feel comfortable with the game! Check out this link to join training sessions that will guide you through playing the game. 


If you would rather learn how to use MinecraftEDU independently, check out the tutorial worlds available in the Minecraft EDU learning library- in the app! From “How to move” to “How to place blocks”, Minecraft has tons of self-directed lessons you can try to learn the game!


How do I get students started with the competition?

Club/Classroom Model: In your Club/Classroom give students accounts to access MinecraftEDU (we will provide licenses upon request and an IT Guide is linked here) or let them bring in their Minecraft enabled devices from home. Introduce students to the challenge and the badge structure of the competition and watch them as they immediately get to work! Students can work as individuals or in teams of up to 3 participants. If they need help getting familiarized with MinecraftEDU, there are lessons and tutorials available in the learning Library (in the app) for them to learn to navigate the platform. 

Independent (at home) Model: Share the competition flier in your newsletter! Let students, parents, educators see and hear about the upcoming challenges and encourage interested students to join! All they have to do is scan the QR code to get started! If they have any version of Minecraft available at home (EDU, pocket, XBOX, etc) they can participate!