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IWitness-CIJE Jewish Day School Initiative
IWitness-CIJE Jewish Day School Initiative created in collaboration with the USC-Shoah Foundation brings first-person survivor accounts into classrooms. Interactive classroom activities have been created specifically for Jewish day school communities. Students will learn about pre-war Jewish life in Europe, as well as details of survival and heroism in the ghettos and camps. This interactive medium will connect students with this difficult time in Jewish History.
The USC Shoah Foundation and CIJE have teamed up to create IWitness-CIJE Jewish Day School Initiative a NEW educational program that empowers educators to unlock the powerful potential of testimony-based teaching in the classroom. Drawing on USC Shoah Foundation’s vast library of audiovisual testimony of survivors and witnesses of genocide, IWitness-CIJE Jewish Day School Initiative encourages students to find inspiration in voices of the past.
Video testimony from USC Shoah Foundation's Visual History Archive will:
  • Provide a human face to the past.
  • Engage students to critically think about universal themes of perseverance and faith from an individual perspective.
  • Sensitize students to the value of story as a valuable source of knowledge.
  • Unit 1 - The World Before
  • Unit 2 - The Holocaust in Western Europe
  • Unit 3 - The Holocaust in Eastern Europe: Ghettos and Deportation
  • Unit 4 - “Final Solution” - Murder by Bullets & Death Camps
  • Unit 5 - Death Marches to Liberation
  • Unit 6 - Return to Life
We are grateful for the support received from the Claims Conference to help build this program.