Teachers in every CIJE school are assigned a dedicated mentor to work with them one-on-one throughout the year. Mentors inspire and guide teachers through the new terrain of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) education.

Mentorship Throughout the School Year

Each mentor has a caseload of schools and is responsible for monitoring their progress throughout the year. Teachers and mentors often develop a close working relationship throughout the school year. Additionally, a mentor can be called upon to interact with any school in the network that might need his or her unique expertise.

Core Mentor Skills & Responsibilities

CIJE mentors are professionals in the field who dedicate their time and expertise to collaborating with and guiding teachers across participating schools.
Each mentor has experience with and is skilled in:
  • Theory and practical application of electrical circuits and components thereof
  • Arduino or other microcontroller platforms
  • C/C++ and other programming languages including Python and JavaScript
  • 3D CAD modeling and use of 3D printer, laser cutter, and CNC router
  • Building robots and teaching robotics
Each mentor's responsibilities include:
  • Understanding the current landscape and best practices in STEAM education
  • Appreciation for progressive education where children learn through discovery
  • Providing school-specific content consultation and training on STEAM topics
  • Developing and facilitating professional training workshops
  • Editing and updating STEAM modules or content areas
Meet Our Mentors