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Our Mission

The Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education (CIJE) is a tax-exempt non-profit organization that was founded in 2001 to enhance and enrich the quality of Jewish education  throughout the United States.
We believe Jewish day school graduates should be prepared to succeed in an ever-changing global society and to reach their potentials in their future careers and in life.
To that end, CIJE seeks to upgrade the technology and programs available to Jewish day schools and yeshivot so that the education these schools provide is world-class.
CIJE is unique with our “hands-on” approach. We provide extensive teacher training and support, and our CIJE liaisons, mentors and other personnel regularly visit and communicate with our beneficiary schools to make sure that the programs and technology that we provide are fully realized.
We invite you to view our program pages and learn about the exciting things we are doing to revitalize Jewish day school learning!

Latest News

Robotics Roadshow in Baltimore Featured Photo

Robotics Roadshow in Baltimore

Robots have taken over the halls of Torah Institute once again at the second annual CIJE sponsored Robotics competition in Maryland on Monday.
DIY Teachers Unite to Protect Featured Photo

DIY Teachers Unite to Protect

Day school educators and students joined forces in an improv act of innovation, energized to create a difference and fill the shortage of protective gear. Sharing know-how and together formulating an easy approach for anybody to create face guards and recruiting their community members to pitch in. Watch this documentary video for a fast action portrayal of innovation in action.
CIJE Robotics Competition Featured Photo

CIJE Robotics Competition

CIJE hosted the first robotics competition of the year at HAFTR on December 19th. Over 30 middle schools and high schools came together to show their creativity and technological achievements.
First CIJE Tank a Huge Success Featured Photo

First CIJE Tank a Huge Success

The first annual CIJE Tank was held on January 13th. Six finalists presented their capstone projects to four industry leading Sharks.
CIJE in Baltimore Featured Photo

CIJE in Baltimore

Torah Institute Introduces a New STEM Program for its Students As part of a continuing effort to refine its General Studies curriculum, Yeshivas Kochav Yitzchok / Torah Institute of Baltimore is offering special STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) lessons to talmidim of various grades.

Innovation Day – 2018

The CIJE-Tech High School Program is currently in its seventh year.  As a significant part of the Cije-Tech program, students are encouraged to experience creative-inventive thinking. At the beginning of each school year, students embark upon a “journey”, during which they acquire various skills in the STEM areas.
Welcome to Our New Website! Featured Photo

Welcome to Our New Website!

Thank you for visiting our new website! Please check back often as updates are made, and click on article headlines to view full stories where applicable.

Our Schools



  • 221 Schools
  • support10,090 Total STEAM students
    6-11 grades
  • labratoryOver 20,000 students using CIJE
    Blended learning programs
  • Over 500 teachers trained annually