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EDU Marathon Sessions

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10:00-11:00 am EST Sessions

Personalized and Active Learning using Ji Tap 

Presenter: Anat Goodman (Audience: Grades K-6)

Part 1- Learning Journeys - Easily create Learning journeys or playlists for your students using Ji Tap.  

Part 2- Game creation- Engage your students in digital game creation in 3 easy steps from any computer. 


Inquiry-Based Learning with Math Puzzles

Presenter: Michele Saks (Audience: Grades 5-9)

Description: This session will include ready-to-use challenges (with answers, of course) that will afford students an opportunity to use higher order thinking skills in the math classroom. Puzzles will be appropriate for grades 5-9 but can be adapted to many levels.


10:00-11:30 am EST Session

Understanding iTaLAM Reports

Presenter: Yael Alon (Audience: Grades 1-5)

Description: This session conducted in Hebrew will help you learn to review and analyze the data available to you in iTaLAM.


Understanding iTaLAM Reports

Presenter: Talia Haimovich (Audience: Grades 1-5)

Description: This session conducted in English will help you learn to review and analyze the data available to you in iTaLAM.


10:30-11:30 am EST Session

Makerspace Activities for In-Person, Hybrid, and Virtual Instruction

Presenter: Hanna Shekhter (Audience: Grades K-5)

Description: Join me as we look at makerspace and hands-on projects that can be performed during In-Person, Hybrid, and Virtual instruction scenarios. These activities can be used in your Judaic or General studies curriculum to engage and inspire your students.


11:00-12:00 am EST Session

Mercava- The one tool you need for Tanach and Talmud learning in school or online

Presenter: Yehuda Moshe (Audience: Grades 5-12)

Description: In this session you will learn: How teachers are using Mercava to engage students remotely and how Mercava is used in the classroom and beyond to develop student learning skills in reading, textual analysis, and comprehension. 


11:30-12:45 pm EST Session

Design Thinking in the Classroom

Presenter: Christopher Auger-Dominguez (Audience: Grades 5-12)

Description: Design Thinking is an iterative process to understand the user, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems in order to identify effective strategies and solutions. Learn design thinking by tackling a real-world problem as well as how to implement the process and mindsets of design thinking in a virtual or in-person classroom.


12:00-1:00 pm EST Session

You Taught It, But Did the Student Learn It?

Presenter: Chani Richmond  (Audience: Grades 1-8)

Description: Learn to engage your students in the learning environment by incorporating online activities that encourage the use of higher-order thinking skills (HOTS). Learn to apply the theories of Bloom's Taxonomy to your curriculum planning to ensure optimum student learning and engagement. 

2:00-3:00 EST Sessions

Making Artifacts of Experience

Presenter: Orly Nadler Audience: Middle School and High School

Description: Craft open-ended and hands-on prompts to push students to deeply explore and understand interdisciplinary connections.


Google Classroom: Riding the wave beyond the Stream

Presenter: Baruch Noy (Audience: Grades 3-12)

Description: Learn how to use Google Classroom beyond the one-sided Stream of posts in order to create an interactive two-sided learning environment. We will also explore some of the great integrations of third-party tools that can enhance and supercharge your Classroom Classwork. 


3:00-4:00 EST Session

No-Low Games

Presenter: Faigy Ravitz (Audience: Grades 1-5)

Description: Fun games and interactive activities that use no technology or low technology. Tips and tools to create your own games.


4:00-5:00 EST Sessions

CIJE Administration Wants to Hear from You

Presenters: Judy Lebovits, Barbara Gereboff and Amy Amiel (Audience: Administrators)

Description: As we plan for the next school year, CIJE administrators want to hear about your successes and challenges with CIJE programs.... what is working well, what might you like us to consider in the future.


Bring Out the Greatness in Children with PBL

Presenter: Rae Shagalov (Audience: 4-8)

Description: Learn the key steps for implementing Project-Based Learning & Jewish Design Thinking in the classroom and distance learning. Find out how to use PBL as assessment and review, and how to facilitate collaborative, student-driven activities with real-life examples, tools, templates, and essential materials lists for setting up a makerspace in the classroom or home. 


5:00-6:00 EST Session

Games in the Classroom

Presenter: Ya’akov Nadler (Audience: Grades 4-8)

Description: Classroom games to a gamified classroom. Learn to create games which will energize and engage your students in the learning.


5:30-6:30 EST Session

Tech Tools for Lower School Math

Presenters: Lauren Grossberg and Zeva Adelsberg (Audience: Grades 1-5)

Description: Get ready to explore learning tips and tricks to teaching Math in the classroom and over Zoom. We will review basic teaching methodologies to specific content available for use!

6:00-7:00 pm EST Sessions
Making Google Classroom Dance
Presenter: Seth Dimbert (Audience: Grades 3-12)
Description: You're comfortable in Google Classroom... but are you ready for more? Let's talk about Gradebooks, Rubrics and more
Teacher Toolbox: Flippity
Presenter: Faigy Ravitz (Audience: Grades K-12)
Description: Flippity is a free, easy to use tool that helps teachers easily create interactive games and activities. (Prerequisite: basic knowledge of Google Drive, how to access and create new documents)
Digital Interactive Journey to the History of Jerusalem
Presenter: TBD (Audience: Grades 6-10)
Description: The Jerusalem Eternal City digital curriculum brings ancient Jerusalem to life and showcases the history and archeology of Jerusalem. Students learn the history of Jerusalem through research of texts, exploration of maps and 3D models. The interactive experience is designed to help students connect Jewish History and Tanach.
7:00-8:00 pm EST Session
Apps and Tools for Students with Special Needs That Can Support Learning Anywhere
Presenter: Penina Simon (Audience: Grades K-12)
Description: This session will provide a shmorgasbord of digital apps and tools to support students with special needs from early childhood through high school. This will include but is not limited to iOS apps to strengthen academic and social skills as well as accessibility features that are available in iOS and Chrome OS.
7:30-8:30 pm EST Session
Weaving Ji Tap into the Online Learning Journey
Presenter: Carina Rock (Audience: Grades K-6)
Description: In this workshop we will be exploring the Ji Tap platform as a resource for building online learning experiences. We will talk about how to maximize the tools available on Ji Tap and zoom, as well as, using Ji Tap games to strengthen different parts of a lesson. This session is for teachers who have some familiarity with the Ji Tap and Zoom platforms.
7:45-9:00 pm EST Session
Tech Tools for Tanach/Gemara  
Presenter: Aaron Fleksher (Audience: Grades 5-12)
Description: Come learn about a variety of EdTech tools that promote blended learning and can be easily implemented in the Talmud/Tanach classroom. All of the tools that we will explore are great for both in-class instruction as well as remote learning.
8:00-9:00 pm EST Sessions
Google Classroom Extensions
Presenter: Seth Dimbert (Audience: Grades 3-12)
Description: Meet some amazing Google Classroom extensions that will simplify your workflow and turn you into a Google Classroom Guru.
Fostering Social Emotional Health
Presenter: Dr. Oshra Cohen (Audience: Everyone)
Description: Together We Stand: Resilience for the educator and the student. In this talk we will address some of the challenges faced by faculty and students and explore a number of resilience skills designed to help us all survive and thrive in the face of a worldwide pandemic.
Conversations Around Covid
Presenter: Barbara Gereboff (Audience: Administrators)
Description: let us talk about how we are navigating around the pandemic. This is a sharing session where we can learn from each other within a safe space to express our challenges and our strategies for coping with this changed world.